Lo Bloo Groin Guard 2.0


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Lo Bloo Groin Guard 2.0. Athletic Groin Cup – The traditional thai Cup evolved.

A great groin protection designed for material arts like MMA, BJJ, Grappling, Thai Boxing etc. Instead of a heavy metal cup and strings between your buttocks you get our patented fitting system, hyper-modern composites, and a ventilated, fully machine washable cup. You will move more freely, get better protected, carry a lighter load, and be able to stay fresh and clean. Made in Sweden. Recommended age +13.

– Patented ergonomic design.
– Unrestricted movement, lightweight and shaped to free your inner thighs.
– Superior comfort. A soft lining, large vents and the signature fitting system.
– CE-certified robustness. Tested to standard EN 13277-5:2002. This cup withstands up to 4 tons of pressure.
– Prevents whipping. Stays snug against the groin, preventing whipping on impact thanks to the patented flexible fitting system.
– Washable.

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Wash this product separately. Follow the manufacturers washing instructions. Use a washing bag to protect the product during wash.


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