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Lo Bloo Groin Guard Aero Slim. Female Groin Guard – Pelvic Protection for standup fighting and constant movement.

Aero slim female pelvic protection was created to offer a genital protection alternative to the very limited range of options for female sports athletes. The existing pelvic products on the market were referred to as armored diapers which suggested clumsy contraptions that interfered rather than protected. The creation of an alternative, the aero slim female protection, was pure necessity. The Lo Bloo Groin Guard Aero Slim cup is designed for upright positions and movements. It’s suitable for sports like thai boxing, MMA and similar sports where unrestricted leg movement is key. With a slim profile, the inner thighs are left unhindered. It has an extended length to protect from blows coming from below. Made in Sweden.

– Patented ergonomic design.
– Unrestricted movement, lightweight and shaped to free your inner thighs.
– Superior comfort.
– CE-certified. Made from polycarbonate, the same material used in bulletproof vests.
– Prevents whipping. Stays snug against the groin, preventing whipping on impact thanks to the patented flexible fitting system.
– Washable.

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Wash this product separately. Follow the manufacturers washing instructions. Use a washing bag to protect the product during wash.


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