Competing for the First Time

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Competing for the first time can is a big step in your Jiu Jitsu Journey. If you’re considering competing, that’s a really good sign. It shows that your Jiu Jitsu has undergone growth and gained confidence. You’re probably asking a bunch of questions about when to compete for the first time. In this video Andrew […]

BJJ Techniques with Andrew Laxa (Roger Gracie Backtake + Pendulum Sweep)

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Andrew demonstrates some classic attacks from closed guard. The Closed Guard is one of the most important positions when playing off of your back. It is also often times the first kind of guard Jiu Jitsu practitioners learn. It’s ability to nullify guard passing with good posture contol makes it a very good position to […]

Rebelz Visits SPR

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The SPR Athlete Factory facilities are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. With one location in Östermalm and the other in Södermalm, we get a glimpse of two gyms, sculpted from the same vision. Both locations have the same premium feel and service. The aesthetics remind me of those old luxury hotels. You almost forget […]

Rebelz Ultimate No-Gi Guide

Rebelz Ultimate No-Gi Guide

Rebelz Ultimate No-Gi Guide The term No-Gi means that you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without the traditional gi/kimono. Instead you train in rashguard, shorts and/or spats. RashguardRashguard or rash guard is compression shirt, either long sleeve or short sleeve. The fit of the rashguard is often very slim, most rashguards are supposed to be like a […]

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