BJJ Techniques with Andrew Laxa (Roger Gracie Backtake + Pendulum Sweep)

Andrew demonstrates some classic attacks from closed guard.

The Closed Guard is one of the most important positions when playing off of your back. It is also often times the first kind of guard Jiu Jitsu practitioners learn. It’s ability to nullify guard passing with good posture contol makes it a very good position to work from. In the gi, it is also a position with an abundant amount of options to sweep, submit, or take that back.

When playing closed guard don’t be so quick to switch to an open guard. Make your opponent work to regain posture. Apart from creating good openings, it is a great position to drain your opponent of their energy. If played right closed guard could be one of the most tiring positions to get stuck in. Just remember stay tight, be methodical, and do not give your opponent the chance to posture.

As an old coach used to say “They need to deserve to open your guard, don’t open it for them.”

Happy training and as always we got your back