Rebelz Visits SPR

The SPR Athlete Factory facilities are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. With one location in Östermalm and the other in Södermalm, we get a glimpse of two gyms, sculpted from the same vision. Both locations have the same premium feel and service. The aesthetics remind me of those old luxury hotels. You almost forget that you are in a Martial Arts and Training facility. The locker rooms have heated floors, and the sauna is equipped with its very own cold shower.

Even after all that, what I enjoyed the most from our visit was Waldo’s instruction. The class he taught was a standard 1 hour class, yet it had everything I wanted. Starting from a brilliantly taught guard pass, and ending with a fun small group sparring circuit.

SPR isn’t short of the bells and whistles, but don’t be mistaken. At it’s core, what truly makes it a special place is Waldo and the Jiu Jitsu he teaches. His love for the art can be seen and felt through his instruction. That is the foundation upon what SPR is built on. That is the reason it is such an amazing Martial Arts Academy.

The Pre-workout espresso doesn’t hurt either!


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