SISU Mouthguard Aero


SISU Mouthguard Aero. An ultra thin and very comfortable mouthguard, only 1,6 mm. 30% stronger than regular mouthguards.

The SISU mouthguard is made of polymer, which is biocompatible and degradable. With this mouthguard you can drink and talk without having to remove it. Perfect for you on the lookout for a thin mouthguard that still keeps a high level of protection.

The man behind the mouthguard is Swedish ENT doctor Jan Åkervall. To protect his patients’ teeth during oral cavity surgery, he and a few other dentists developed a thin, moldable mouthguard from a high-tech thermoplastic material. After thousands of operations and no tooth damage he realized the mouthguard should be introduced to athletes.

In order to mold, the mouthguard has to be heated up to at least 60°C for two minutes. You then press it up against your upper jaw and use your fingers to form it around the teeth. The plastic is perforated which makes for easier breathing with the mouthguard in, it is also possible to drink and talk with it. Additionally, tests have shown that SISU mouthguards have 30% better protection than conventional mouthguards. There are dentist-built mouthguards with an equally good fit and protection but they come at a much higher price.

The somewhat thinner mouthguard “Areo” (1,6 mm) is intended for sports such as wrestling, BJJ and basketball where hits to the mouth often come by accident. The somewhat thicker mouthguard “Max” (2,4 mm) is intended for sports such as boxing, MMA, and other full contact sports.

  • Thickness: 1,6 mm.
  • Material: Polymer, which is biocompatible and degradable

In the instruction manual of some mouthguards you may find an “expiry date”. This date is related to dental insurance in the US and is NOT an expiry date for the actual mouthguard.

Fitting instructions:
Fitting instructions (braces):

SISU Authorized Rebelz

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Kids who has braces please use medium or large.

Up to 150CM
Up to 5'
For smaller mouths and children
150 - 180 cm
5' - 6'
For average mouths
Over 180 cm
Over 6'
For larger mouths

Clean your guard using a non-whitening toothpaste or soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes only. Do not use denture tablets, dish soap, or harsh cleansers. Avoid products containing alcohol. For more detailed information on how to disinfect a mouthguard, check out our blog post on how to clean a mouthguard.

– Clean your guard using a non-whitening toothpaste or mild soap.

– You can also soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide for no more than 10 minutes

– Do not use denture tablets, dish soap, or mouthwash

– Avoid products containing alcohol or harsh cleansers

– Do not wash your SISU Mouthguard in the dishwasher or expose it to extreme heat

– Carefully rinse and dry before storing your guard at room temperature

– Consider purchasing a case to keep it safe, clean, and out of reach from your pets

– Keep out of direct sunlight

– Store your guard in water using a plastic water tight container. The water acts as an insulator against the heat.


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