Rebelz BJJ Belt Kids Standard Thrift


Rebelz BJJ Belt Kids Standard Thrift.

Thrift supply. The color of the belt’s core is green, this means that in certain lights the belt can attain a very slight shade of mint green. It’s very hard to spot this in a product photograph, the left belt is a regular belt with a regular core and the belt on the right is a belt with a green core. Most people wouldn’t notice a difference.

This BJJ belt is 3,5 – 4 cm wide and 5 mm thick. The core is made of polyester foam and the outer layer of polyester and cotton. A soft belt that is easy to tie. The material is carefully selected especially to minimize shrinkage during washing. 8 rows of stitching makes this a durable belt. The black bar is 10 cm wide, so plenty of room for stripes. Woven label with the text jiu jitsu and also Japanese kanji characters meaning jiu jitsu and Rebelz “R” logo. Yellow color on text and logo.

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200 cm
78,74 inches
215 cm
84,64 inches
230 cm
90,55 inches
245 cm
96,45 inches
260 cm
102,36 inches

Wash the belt separately. Wash in 30 degrees. Hang dry. According to the manufacturer, the belt will shrink after washing. Keep this in mind when trying on the belt for the first time. The belt will wear and lose color the more you wash and use the belt. Over time, you get a well worn belt.


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