Kingz BJJ Belt Absolute Premium


Kingz BJJ Belt Absolute Premium.

Featuring a stealthy black-on-black embroidered label. 12 rows of stitching. Superior durability over standard belts. Available in blue, purple, brown and black.

Please read size guide and washing instructions below. Please also keep in mind that all belts may vary in shade and color depending on the batch and the manufacturer. There is no way to guarantee what shade the color will be. If a customer is particular about the color of the belt it is probably best to purchase belts in person. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Also read the Rebelz Ultimate BJJ Gi Guide for advice and tips.

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The length is approximate.

243 cm
260 cm
279 cm
300 cm
315 cm

Wash the belt separately. Wash in 30 degrees. Hang dry. According to the manufacturer, the belt will shrink after washing. Keep this in mind when trying on the belt for the first time. The belt will wear and lose color the more you wash and use the belt. Over time, you get a well worn belt.


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