Venum Boxing Gloves Elite black/grey camo


Venum Boxing Gloves Elite black/grey camo.

The Elite Boxing Gloves from Venum are handcrafted with precision in Thailand. Made off premium semi leather, these gloves boast exceptional durability and a luxurious feel. Mesh panel strategically placed under the fist ensures optimal thermal regulation. Tripple density foam, these gloves provide superior impact absorption, reducing the risk of injury. Fully attached thumb design for injury prevention. Strengthened seams for durability. The large Velcro enclosure provides a secure and customizable fit, while the long cuffs offer enhanced wrist protection, minimizing the risk of strain or injury during heavy punches and combinations.

  • Composition: Synthetic leather.
  • Padding: Tripple density foam.

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Please note that these size recommendations serve as general guideline and are intended to offer a theoretical reference point. The selection of glove size should consider factors such as intended usage (intensity, frequency, type of training) and desired level of protection (with heavier gloves typically featuring more layers of foam for enhanced protection). Please seek advice from your coach when choosing the appropriate size. Some clubs/academies has requirements a minimum size when sparring etc . “Oz” or “ounce” refers to the weight of the glove, measured in units of mass.

10 OZ
46-54 kg
12 OZ
55 -70 kg
14 OZ
71-85 kg
16 OZ
+86 kg


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