Kingz BJJ Gi Ladies Nano 2.0 white


Kingz BJJ Gi Ladies Nano 2.0 white is a lightweight, yet durable Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono.

A lightweight gi in a nice white color with Kingz classic crown emblem embroidered on the sleeves and neck. Ladies cut. The jacket is made of 400 gsm (gram per square meter) pearl weave. The gi’s collar is made of synthetic heat resistant vulcanized rubber to prevent sweat and bacteria absorbing into the collar. The pants are made of 8 oz drill cotton. For added durability, there are triple reinforced stitching on all stress points along with extra reinforcement at the knees. Belt is sold separately. Kingz Nano has a different cut than for example Kingz Ultralight or Balistico.

– Jacket 400 gsm pearl weave.
– Pants 8 oz drill cotton.

Please read size guide and washing instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Also read the Rebelz Ultimate BJJ Gi Guide for advice and tips.

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152-160 cm
48-57 kg
160-168 cm
54-64 kg
165-173 cm
61-70 kg
170-178 cm
70-77 kg

Follow the washing recommendations carefully. Wash in 30 degrees, hang dry. Wash this product separately. Rebelz takes no responsibility for wrongfully washed products. According to the manufacturer, the gi will shrink after washing. Keep this in mind when trying on the gi for the first time. A colored gi will wear and lose color the more you wash and use the gi and a white will loose the crispy white color over time.


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