Hyperfly x Everyday Porrada BJJ Belt


Hyperfly x Everyday Porrada BJJ Belt is a limited edition belt. Available for blue belts to black belts.

This is a premium Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt and has 14 rows of stitching which gives you a durable belt. Large white woven label on the end of the belt. Blue, purple and brown belts has a black bar. The black belt has a red bar. Everyday Porrada print on the belt and you will see the text each time you tie your belt. The text is screen printed so the text will fade after time. Please note that the white color of the Everyday Porrada print may vary shade.

Please read size guide and washing instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Also read the Rebelz Ultimate BJJ Gi Guide for advice and tips.

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Please note that the length is approximate. The length may vary depending on deviations in the manufacturing process.

249 cm
98 inches
265 cm
104 inches
285 cm
112 inches
299 cm
118 inches
320 cm
126 inches
340 cm
134 inches

Wash the belt separately. Wash in 30 degrees. Hang dry. According to the manufacturer, the belt will shrink after washing. Keep this in mind when trying on the belt for the first time. The belt will wear and lose color the more you wash and use the belt. Over time, you get a well worn belt.


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