Cliff Keen Earguards Tornado black/black


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Cliff Keen Earguards Tornado black/black. One of the most comfortable and protective earguard for wrestlers.

The Cliff Keen Tornado 4-strap headgear, a revolutionary design based on NASA studies in ergonomics, its streamlined profile and ultra-deep ear cups provide for a secure and comfortable fit. The Tornado earguard adjusts properly and snuggly in seconds with the “On-The-Fly” Strapping System™. Patented, Great Audible Sound™ technology and Air Vent System allow wrestlers to hear crucial instructions from the coach, while staying cool on the mats. The Tornado ultra-deep ear cups provides enough room for your ers fo fit comfortably. Cleans easily. Simply wipe your earguards clean in seconds with soap & water or anti-bacterial wipes. Chin strap pad included. One size fits most.

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Hand wash with soap and water and hang dry.


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One size fits most.

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