BJJ Gi Checker Jiu Jitsu Tool


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BJJ Gi Checker Jiu Jitsu Tool.

The BJJ Gi Checker Jiu Jitsu Tool is a measuring device that is used to measure a competitor’s BJJ Gi, while being worn, prior to their first match to determine whether or not their gi complies with the tournament’s applicable uniform rules. The Gi Checker Tool is mainly used for competitors that are at least 16 years old. The tool measurements conform with tournament organizations such as the IBJJF, UAEJJF, JJIF and more. Material is made of high-impact strength, high-gloss, natural Lustran ABS 433 (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and has a custom finish encompassing a medium-bead blast finish on the long handle to improve grip-ability and a 600-grit paper surface finish on the head of the tool. Made in the USA.

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