Scramble Spats Pacifica



Scramble Spats Pacifica. Grappling spats from Scramble with a design inspired by the blue sky, the clear water and the marine life of the Pacific.

The pattern of the Clown triggerfish (a fish living in the Pacific) is visible on the spats. Internal drawstring.The spats are made of polyester and spandex. Internal drawstring. Sublimation printing technology is used to ensure that the print won’t crack or come off. Perfect for athletes training BJJ, MMA and other martial arts. These spats are no longer in production. The remaining sizes are the last ones available.

Please read size guide and washing instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Also read the Rebelz Ultimate No-Gi Guide for advice and tips.

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Wash this product separately. Do not wash with clothing that has zippers or velcro as it may damage the fabric. Wash in 30 degrees, hang dry. Use a washing bag to protect the product during wash.


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