Kenka Mouthguard Pro black transparent


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Kenka Mouthguard Pro black transparent. A dual layer mouthguard.

The inner layer is made of gel which is designed to adapt to the shape of your gums. The outer layer is made of very tough material and acts as shell. This gives the mouthguard a nice and good fit in your mouth. Kenka Pro Mouthguard is formed by the ‘boil and bite’ method. The mouthguard comes with instructions on how to mold it and a ventilated mouthguard carrying case. This mouthguard is perfect for athletes training BJJ, MMA, boxing, thaiboxning and other impact sports. We recommend that you clean the mouthguard after use and wipe it off before putting it in the ventilated carrying case. The mouthguard is CE marked. The color of the mouthguard is a very dark grey.

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Follow the ‘boil and bite’ instructions that comes with the mouthguard. Clean the mouthguard after use.


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